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Not all new construction homes are equal. So how do you find the right custom homebuilder for you? Before signing any contracts, research the homebuilders you are interested in working with to gauge customer satisfaction. And, don’t be afraid to ask builders questions, such as:

What is the overall reputation of the custom homebuilder you’re considering? 

Ask your family, friends, and co-workers what they know about the homebuilder. Read Google reviews and other social reviews. Ask the homebuilder you’re considering to provide referrals from their past clients.

Which sub-contractors does this custom homebuilder work with?

Knowing the quality and reputation of the sub-contractors your custom homebuilder works with is incredibly important. This includes the teams doing work on your home, but also where the company sources their materials like lumber, electrical work, plumbing, etc. 

Does this homebuilder purchase materials at big box stores, or from local businesses who also have reputations of high-quality work and service?

Are they an established homebuilder with enough volume that they can demand better prices, better quality, and better crews?

What does this homebuilders organization look like?

Ask your prospective homebuilder who will be managing your project, and if you’ll have direct access to contact them if you have questions throughout the home building process. 

At Navigate Homes, we have found an organization structure that we believe is the best when it comes to teamwork and quality of service. 

We have a senior project manager with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry managing every step of our client’s projects. He makes sure our entire team is up-to-date on all the latest products, codes, and energy ratings on a national, state, and local level. 

We have a project manager who’s working with our clients on every detail and is focused solely on design, costs, development, and planning. 

Our site supervisor is in the field every day ensuring each job is on track. He is the quality-control tech who can immediately spot if something needs to be corrected on the spot and makes sure all work is done right and to the highest of standards.

We have a construction field operator who can tackle any job that needs to be done before, during, or after construction.

We also have staff that handles the administration and organization tasks that come with every job – allowing our project managers and field team the time to focus on delivering the best possible service and product for our custom home clients.

At Navigate Homes, we pride ourselves on the fact that you can contact anyone from our team at any time before, during, or after construction.

What happens after your new construction home is built?

Before getting started, ask your potential homebuilder what their follow-through process looks like. 

At Navigate Homes, our new homeowners receive a one-year warranty that covers materials and workmanship, and they’re asked to make an itemized list of concerns they may have (“a punch list”). 

After reviewing the list with our Project Manager, an appointment is scheduled for all applicable subcontractors to come in and address any material and workmanship areas that are covered by the Navigate Homes warranty. If our homeowners have any immediate needs, they are able to contact our subcontractors directly using the contact list provided in their closing packet.


Start with these questions, and come up with more of your own based on what’s most important to you. Like in this article from the National Association of Home Builders, “Never hesitate to ask a question. What seems like an insignificant question might yield an important answer.” 

If you have any questions for us about new construction homes, don’t hesitate to contact us.