Let's get started. Together.

One Step At A Time

Our goal is to simplify the home-building process

Step 1: Set Your Budget & Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan

The first step in the home-building process is setting a budget. Consider what you can afford to pay per month towards your mortgage, property taxes, insurance, and utilities. Visit a local bank—such as MidwestOne, Hills Bank, or GreenState Credit Union—to find a trusted home mortgage lender to work with.

Step 2: Research Properties

After working with your trusted home mortgage lender to identify your price range, the next step is to browse available properties or schedule walkthroughs with a Realtor. Consider what neighborhoods you like and if you would prefer somewhere with a city feel or an area with trees and open space. Local Realtors are a great resource to help lead you through this process.

Step 3: Identify Your Ideal Home

When building a home from the ground up, you are able to personalize the design to fit your wants and needs. Consider whether you would prefer a ranch or two-story, the type of layout you’d like, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the home and yard, and features such as a fireplace, double vanity, and more. Need inspiration? Browse our most popular Navigate Homes floor plans. We recommend that you gather as many samples and pictures as possible and bring them when you meet with the Navigate Homes team.

Step 4: Meet with the Navigate Homes Team

Now you are prepared to meet with the Navigate Homes team. Here, we’ll discuss the neighborhood, home types, floor plans, style, price point, design packages, options, upgrades, and delivery date for the home. If you are working with a Realtor, we recommend that they join you for this meeting.

Step 5: Let the building begin!

You’ve made it to the best part — your dream home is finally coming to life! We know it’s fun to watch your home be built. However—as it can be dangerous—we ask that you don’t visit the job site without someone from our team present. The Navigate Homes team is always willing to meet you on-site if you want to see the progress of your home.

Additional Information about the Home Building Process:

When and How do I pay for my Navigate Home?
After we identify a floor plan and lot that meets the clients’ wants and needs, we provide the total costs for the project. At this point, the client will sign a purchase agreement with Navigate Homes and put 10% of the total purchase price down as a deposit. Navigate maintains ownership of the property and home until the house is 100% complete. Closing occurs when the home is completely finished. At this point, the client’s deposit will be credited to the overall purchase amount and they will bring additional funds and/or proof of loan so they can get their keys to the home.

Change Orders
If a buyer decides to change something about the home after the purchase agreement has been signed, the Navigate Homes team will identify those changes in writing and how much the difference will cost. This will be signed by both parties in writing so everything is clear and there are no surprises.

As part of the Navigate Homes process, we offer all our new homeowners a one-year warranty that covers materials and workmanship. For more details, visit the warranty page on the Navigate Homes website.

After You’ve Moved In
After you’ve gotten settled into your home, you should plan on purchasing blinds and maintaining proper treatment of your lawn. We recommend that you hire a lawn care company to apply fertilizer and weed control. You’ll need to water, sod, and mow your lawn frequently in the first year to ensure that the roots grow strong and deep.