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1. Minimal Maintenance

  • A new home can leave you with very minimal maintenance costs for at least the first few years, as often all appliances are under factory warranty.  This can be especially important to those working with a tight budget, leaving the homeowner with less to worry about and a smaller chance of out-of-pocket expenses.  (Don’t forget greater energy efficiency = lower utility bills)
  • Most likely, a new home has a home warranty from the builder, which usually covers everything in the home under the warranty period and can be added peace of mind.  It is important to look into the warranty coverage and timeline before purchasing the home, and ask the builder any questions you may have. 

2. Move-in ready

  • The convenience of move-in ready is perfect for those on strict schedules or tight budgets, as no updates have to be done prior to moving in. 
  • At Navigate Homes, we take this a step further and provide a new home orientation, complete with all the manuals and documents you need to operate your new home’s features.  Simply bring your belongings!

  3. Modern Floor Plans

  • Gone are the days of orange shag carpeting!  A new home won’t leave you with outdated trends that require costly replacements. 
  • At Navigate Homes, we feature modern, open, and bright homes that are ready for your unique style.  Our floorplans feature options for tall ceilings, eat-in kitchens, and an open/spacious layout designed to fit your lifestyle. 

 4.  Up and Coming Neighborhoods and Communities

  • New communities often have new amenities nearby, some examples include restaurants, shops, walking trails, etc.  Navigate Homes takes care to develop land and create neighborhoods in the most desirable locations