Test Smoke & CO Alarms

It’s time to test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and consider changing their back-up batteries. While the alarms are hardwired in to the electrical panel, they have back-up batteries in the event of power outage, and we all know the battery tends to get low (and start to chirp) inevitably in the middle of the night.

furnace filter

Changing furnace filters

A well-maintained furnace is essential for keeping your home warm and your energy bills in check. Now is a great time to consider installing a new filter ahead of high usage months.

Inspect Gutters

Take a quick peek to make sure gutters are free of debris and consider installing protective covers if you live near several trees, to keep out next season’s falling leaves. If you have an HOA, it’s best to contact them first as they have their own maintenance schedules and may have already handled this.

hose spigot on side of house

Disconnect hoses

Temperatures will soon dip below freezing overnight, and disconnecting outdoor hoses will prevent frozen pipes and burst or damaged hoses.