David, a native of Burlington, Iowa, has always been guided by a strong sense of duty and commitment. Upon graduating high school, he dedicated himself to serving his country in the United States Air Force, where he honed invaluable skills and embraced enduring values that continue to shape his character.

Detail-oriented, adaptable, and personable, David’s journey led him to the vibrant community of Iowa City in 2009, where he immediately felt at home. Motivated by a deep-rooted desire to give back, he enthusiastically volunteers his time with local nonprofit organizations, notably contributing to Houses Into Homes and Access 2 Independence.

With a solid foundation built over 14 years in the restaurant industry, David recognized an opportunity for a new chapter. Driven by his innate ability to forge meaningful connections and his unwavering passion for helping others, he embarked on a career transition into real estate, where he thrives on facilitating opportunities and fostering positive outcomes for his clients and community alike.