As you begin the pilot light does not need to be turned off to clean the glass, but the fireplace does need to be in the ‘off’ setting.

Step 1: Remove Screen

Lift up at the top ledge and gently take off the screen and set aside

Step 2: Disengage clips

Glass Clip

Underneath the glass are two clips holding it in place, one on each side. Gently pull on the clips to release the glass.

Step 3: Clean glass

Inside of window with spray cleaner

Spray the inside of the glass with any glass cleaner and wipe clean. Check the users manual if you have any questions about cleaners.

Pilot can remain on

Showing pilot light inside fireplace

Step 4: Replace clips

Hand showing glass clips

Carefully replace safety clips by pulling them out and re-setting them

Step 5: Replace screen

Screen being placed back into fireplace

Line up the top first and insert in place